General FAQ

What is Adyen?
  • Adyen is footsite's payment processor. They are very strict on checkout information so during footsite drops you might receive a lot of cancellation emails. This is not the bot's fault, but solely based off the information that was used to checkout.
Can I use the same profile multiple times?
  • You can, but it is not recommended.
What type of proxies are recommended?
  • For initial drops, a mix of residential and datacenter proxies are recommended.
What are cart holds?
  • Footsites use a cart hold system to try and make a release fair. When you add a product to cart during release time, theoretically the product will be held in your card for around 10 minutes to give you time to checkout. With this, the product may show as out of stock very fast. Most of the time, this does not mean that it is actually out of stock! During footsite drops, people who were not successful in checking out will have their cart lost. This typically happens in waves of about 5 to 10 minutes. When these waves occur, you will see a heavy influx in checkouts.
Why am I getting payment declined?
  • Sometimes payment failures/declines are a result of your bank declining the transaction. But with the recent changes to footsites, your task will show payment declined if you have already checked out that product on one site using the same profile. With this, it is highly recommended to use as many profiles as possible.


If I use Residential proxies as my TASK proxies, will they use data while monitoring?
  • They will not as long as they are on "Waiting for Product" or "Waiting for Restock." But as soon as the product is picked up it will begin to use the proxies that are assigned to your tasks.
Why am I seeing "IP Banned"?
  • IP banned occurs when the bot continues to try and add a product to the cart but the product page has been pulled. It is just a page ban that can be resolved by restarting tasks.
Why am I seeing "Rate Limit"?
  • Rate limit occurs when you send too many requests from a single IP in a short amount of time. This can occur if you are running low delays or not enough proxies. The only way to fix this is too use a new set of proxies.
  • With this though, some footsite products are rate limited for everyone. If you try and add to cart manually and get an error, the bot showing "rate limit" is a reflection of that.


Can I use the same FLX accounts for multiple tasks?
  • No! Each task must be assigned one account as using the same account multiple times will cause lots of errors.